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Push Through Letters

If you are looking for signage that literally “stands out” and to capture your audience’s attention, then you might want to consider push through signs. Push through letters are a great way to get noticed. Push thru letters provide front and/or side illumination and custom logo shapes can also be added to complement the look.

In addition to smart branding with the right colours, fonts, and images, the 3D effect that is created by push through signage is a great way to differentiate your storefront from that of the competition.These type of signs have a backer panel with illuminated letters, but they are not individual letters like channel letters. The letters are cut out translucent acrylic, then pushed through the sign. The backer panel is aluminum and the letters are router cut out of it, then the acrylic sticks out of the sign slightly. The light then comes from the backer panel and shines out through the acrylic letters to illuminate them. This is a good type of sign to use when you want a 3d look, need a backer panel, and want the sign to light up.

This type of signage may be freestanding or affixed to the outside of your storefront depending on your needs and available space. It is ideal for office buildings as well as many other types of businesses. It is also a popular type of signage indoors, particularly inside malls or other buildings that house multiple shops or businesses.

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