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Pylon or Pole Signs

Every time you pass a gas station, restaurant or store you will notice that there are huge signs outside the place. These are what are referred to as pole signs. The main objective of a pole sign is to attract more customers. The sign alerts them that the business is operational and that they can receive any services they need there. If you are a business owner and are wondering how to attract more customers and make your business more visible, then a pole sign is the best choice. Signs 405 is the major Pole Sign designer, installation, and manufacturing leader. We have the best designers and installation team when it comes to Pole Signs. You will also find that we have a great customer support team that is available when you need to make inquiries.

Illuminated Pole Signs

Illuminated pole signs are usually placed high up at about 20 feet. The sign is essentially a giant cabinet sign. This type of sign is best for a business that operates until the later hours of the night. It is suitable because it will attract customers who are looking for a place that is open late at night. It is a worthy investment because it will bring more traffic to the business, therefore creating a higher profit for the place. If you want to know if a pole sign is the best choice for your business, then call us. We will avail ourselves to you so as to determine if your locale if fit for a pole sign. Our pole sign experts at Signs 405 are always available and ready to help you out. If you have questions about the design of the pole sign, the installation or anything else, they are available. We also offer clean-up services after an installation. We have lots of experience and are dedicated to ensuring you get the best sign for your business.
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